Terahertz – Dices – set of 2

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Dices made from Terahertz!
They come in a set of 2
In the webshop you can choose if you want the dice with numbers or with dots. ( 1 till 6 are on them)
It is also possible to make them in different numbers, If you are interested in that, please fill in the form below.


A Terahertz is 1 trillion hertz. More than you can count.
The stone can give extra powers to everything around it. Place the stone with other gems to make them even more powerful. Terahertz stones provide space and clarity in the head. This immediately reduces stress and gives a boost to creativity. People who do a lot of thinking at work benefit from this new-time helper, but also if you experience little peace and/or are in your head a lot. In addition, people with insomnia or other sleep problems benefit enormously from it.

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