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Meaning rune: Harvest

Deer Antler Beads
Really natural product
Collected naturally (Deers lose their antlers)

Diameter of the hole you can choose (automaticly selected = ∅ 4 mm)

Where are the antlers coming from?
Reebok wear antlers.

The antlers consist of two round or oval rods that stand on bony outgrowths (Rozenstok) of the skull. These rods are shed every fall around November.

In the Autumn and the first Winter after birth, the growth starts again.

Of course we love to use their shedded antlers. Please note that “wild collecting” is prohibited in the Netherlands.

All products on this page are therefore not collected ourself.
It is also true that these animal products are all obtained in an animal-friendly way. Consider, for example, the death of old age / illness, but also after the shedding season.

Many of the “stangen”, also known as “Spritsers”, are eventually released by forest management.

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