Malachite Drop Gemstone


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The color says it all, green stands for peace, tranquility and love. The stone assigns a strong empathy to its user and ensures equal relationships. Also important is the energy flow that provides satisfaction, patience, empathy and the reduction of fear. Malachite removes all negative energies that have accumulated on and around the heart area. Jealousy, envy, emotional imbalance, timidity, repressed feelings and other fears are removed by this powerful healer.

Heavy and deep blocks on one’s own love are simply torn open. This is of course not always pleasant, although the end result pays for everything. Because the gemstone learns to look with an open heart, it strengthens healthy, equal relationships (friendly as well as in love). The stone protects against energetic pollution, radiation, negative energy and even danger or accidents.




The pendant will be delivered without a necklace, but it is possible to add a necklace with your order.
Also the pendant can look different from the picture, this is because it is an natural product.
When you add a rope hanger to your order, we will select the best matching colour to your pendant. When you want to be able to a colour, you can add the rope hanger separately in the webshop.

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