Gold Obsidian Runeset

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This Elder Futhark Set you will receive with an informative flyer with the most important things to know about your rune set;
– How to use them
– How to clean them
-What are the meaning of the symbols

Also there is a flyer with some basic reading manners.
The set comes in a jute bag, you can choose the colour yourself.

the stones are around 1 cm each


The stone itself is highly insightful and cleansing. This stimulates personal development. The truth emerges, the wearer sees the core of problems and/or hidden emotions come up so that the blockages can be removed. Obsidian often works as a mirror so that the wearer can discover who he or she really is.

The stone reduces fear, breaks through blockages, traumas, limiting behavior and thinking patterns. At the same time, it protects against mental attacks, reduces spiritual or emotional dependence and removes negativity from the environment. The stone is also good to use against radiation.

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