Chryssocolla Drop Gemstone


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Chrysocolla is known for imparting wisdom and insight to its wearer and widening the airways. Chrysocolla works well on the heart, throat and forehead chakra. The stone helps to listen to one’s own inner voice, to have confidence in one’s own strength and promote positive assertiveness.

provides balance and inner equilibrium and has an activating or calming effect, depending on what is needed in a certain situation. In case of stress and burn-outs, the stone is a good help by releasing positive energy, which makes you want to be in the now again. It helps reduce negative emotions such as guilt and heartbreak. The stone encourages self-reflection, stimulates a neutral and open attitude and allows the truth to emerge. It promotes clarity of mind, makes creative and promotes communication. The gemstone calms and calms. It is a very relaxing crystal.


Sagittarius, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Taurus, Gemini, Aquarius


The pendant will be delivered without a necklace, but it is possible to add a necklace with your order.
Also the pendant can look different from the picture, this is because it is an natural product.
When you add a rope hanger to your order, we will select the best matching colour to your pendant. When you want to be able to a colour, you can add the rope hanger separately in the webshop.

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