Aquamarine Runeset


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This Elder Futhark Set you will receive with an informative flyer with the most important things to know about your rune set;
– How to use them
– How to clean them
-What are the meaning of the symbols

Also there is a flyer with some basic reading manners.
The set comes in a jute bag, you can choose the colour yourself.

the stones are around 1 cm each


The stone encourages service to humanity. It makes sincere, honest, tolerant, carefree, relaxed and cheerful.
Aquamarine helps to develop a sincere, intuitive and sparkling personality. The stone removes blockages in communication and promotes a more loving way of self-expression. The crystal has the power to make others tolerant, combat the tendency to judge, support those who are weighed down by their responsibilities, and encourage positive accountability. The stone teaches what true love is; letting go.

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