Agate Drop Gemstone

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Agate is a stone that stabilizes, grounds and protects. It promotes inner peace and thus ensures an earthly sober attitude.
The stone allows you to take some distance so that things can be viewed more objectively.
Rational and logical thinking, concentration, analytical ability; just a few positive qualities for the wearer of Agate.
Agate is the stone of choice for pregnant women (for both mother and child). This is due to its protective effect on the uterus and its ability to stimulate growth.




The pendant will be delivered without a necklace, but it is possible to add a necklace with your order.
Also the pendant can look different from the picture, this is because it is an natural product.
When you add a rope hanger to your order, we will select the best matching colour to your pendant. When you want to be able to a colour, you can add the rope hanger separately in the webshop.

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