Spirit Animal

“Your own totem animal” what does that actually mean?

This term ‘totem animal’ comes from Shamanism. A totem animal is a spirit being with an animal form, which is assigned to a specific human being. A totem animal is not necessarily an animal, but it does show itself that way. So it is true that a totem animal is there to teach you something. What this lesson is, differs per person but also per totem animal.

In the thinking of shamanism, a totem animal is the animal that has been sent along with a certain person as a protector, with the aim of allowing that person to fulfill his ‘function’ on earth. This means that a totem animal can also cause fear in its human if this is necessary to guide it back to its ‘mission’.

A person’s totem animal is, according to shamanism, the “core of his or her strength” and a symbolic “embodiment” of his or her talents.

What do we offer?

In collaboration with ‘Centrum de Oude Wegen’ (www.centrumdeoudewegen.nl) We have come up with 2 different packages to get to know and recognize your own totem animal or several animals.

For both packages you get a meditation to find your totem animal, an explanation about your found totem animal and a handmade souvenir of your totem animal so that you can always carry it with you.

Of course, that’s not the only thing you get with your chosen package.
Below you can find the packages and a full explanation of the package

Have you found your spirit animal yet? Order your spirit animal medallion here so that you can always carry it with you.

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Showing 1–15 of 36 results